Some facts about modern carpets

Carpets are so familiar to us, and at the same time somewhat mysterious. This, covering the floor or decorating the walls of our homes is made of wool, silk or artificial fibers. In Asia, carpets are produced in China, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and India. Africa is also on the world carpet map, there carpets are weaved in Tunisia. Europe, though not a world market leader, also has its places worth mentioning when talking about the production of carpets – France, Belgium and Germany. Asian carpets are known mostly for their handmade work, while the rest of the world is increasingly relying on factory conditions for their production.


United in three periods

Chronological carpets can be united in three periods: antiquarian (up to the seventeenth century inclusive), antique (made to the nineteenth century) and modern. It is also good to mention the “sculptural” carpets that have evolved with the development of machine production. Thanks to the special clipping of the fibers, the surface of such a carpet can be embossed. Similar carpets can also be made manually, with the length of the fiber up to 10 -15 cm.

Men are cleaning 6 hours less a week than women

Have you noticed how clean and tidy your home is when others are gone? When a person lives alone, it is much easier for him to keep upright. The reason is not only in the fact that others dander and does not talk. Psychologists explain that in a household of two or more people people tend to neglect their duties because they think others are spreading more and not cleaning up enough.


UK-based statistic

Men think that their wives clean up 12 hours less – in fact, the average woman spends 17 hours per week on duty for cleaning and arranging – more than two business days. On the other hand, 26% of women think that their husband does not move and the little finger for housework. The truth is somewhere in the middle – the strong sex spends 11 hours a week on homework. This is a UK-based statistic, and it may not be true for all latitudes.

What to expect from the expert cleaning services?

Nowadays, most people confess that they are using the solutions of the professional end of tenancy cleaners and they are more than happy with their selection as they not simply have a spotlessly clean house yet a great deal more extra time for family and friends and for the tasks they like. Selecting the appropriate cleansing company for you can often end up being a difficult choice which is why I have actually assembled some points that might aid you with your option.

Customer reviews

Travelling thoughts2The initial and most important thing you have to do just before you pick the expert cleaning service for you is to visit the consumer ratings of many agencies as well as contrast them. Pick the ones that have the most effective reviews because that will imply that they are doing their job well. Generally 95 % – ONE HUNDRED % positive assessments can be the support throughout the search. Preferably the very best cleaning agency will certainly have excellent assessments.

The Sassiest Three Attic Transformations

Almost every house has an attic – that space on the top you never use, that kind of room you never go into and that gloomy part of the house the kids fear from. We so often complain that we have no enough space and that the decluttering is unnecessary as even if we wanted to, we had no place to clutter. And to some extent we are right. The homes we have are tiny, but they are cozy and charming, as well. And before we could continue complaining, we need to think about the attic. It is something like a room or kind of and we don’t use it at all. So whose fault it is? homes-for-sale-326991_960_720Surely, ours. And surely, we need to change this. And even if after that special and additional space, you keep on telling how you need more, then you are just greedy. Get used to it and instead of mourning over, enjoy the little things. After all, they matter.

The Storage

Yeah, yeah. This is not the most creative and the most unique way you can transform your attic, but is still better than nothing. And it is super practical. If you have no space and you need place to store all those stuff you are not ready to throw away, but you so rarely use, then this is your thing. But as this is a transformation, don’t just go there and put the numerous boxes. This would be completely pointless. Better would it be to find nice shelves to put there and then to arrange all the things there. It will be better organized and it will be much easier to find whatever you like. Last but not least, you better make this place a bright one. Paint the walls in a light color and have lights, as well.

The Book-Lover Corner

You have many books and they are spread all over your house. Well, as a book worm, you surely know they do not deserve this. So, roll up your sleeves and create a book-lover corner. First you need a bookshelf, where you can sort out and arrange all the ones you have. Then you need a cozy and charming armchair to sit and enjoy reading. At the end, you need a coffee table, as the experience would never be complete and really splendid without a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

The Exploration Room

You have kids and you want to make something special for them. Then turn this place into a very special play room. This won’t be something ordinary like the ones they have – with beds, desks, boxes with toys and shelves with books. No, this would be a place they would run away from the reality and explore. Find a big map of the world, old-fashioned and preferably old one, as well. Hang it on one of the walls then and find objects like telescopes, boats, ships, anchors and so on. They would love it and even you will enjoy it, too.

Streak-free glass and mirror cleaning

If I have to choose one simple thing that is more unpleasant than the cleaning, I won’t be wondering even for a second. But first don’t misunderstand me, I don’t hate the cleaning itself, I just cannot find a way how I could enjoy being on my knees for hours …

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