Men are cleaning 6 hours less a week than women

Have you noticed how clean and tidy your home is when others are gone? When a person lives alone, it is much easier for him to keep upright. The reason is not only in the fact that others dander and does not talk. Psychologists explain that in a household of two or more people people tend to neglect their duties because they think others are spreading more and not cleaning up enough.


UK-based statistic 

Image of cleaning woman Men think that their wives clean up 12 hours less – in fact, the average woman spends 17 hours per week on duty for cleaning and arranging – more than two business days. On the other hand, 26% of women think that their husband does not move and the little finger for housework. The truth is somewhere in the middle – the strong sex spends 11 hours a week on homework. This is a UK-based statistic, and it may not be true for all latitudes.


Obligations of men

 The man is not always inclined to take on his share of these commitments. Most husbands think that they have to go home and work after work to watch TV, browse the internet or read. At the same time, the wife, who also comes from work, takes care of children, cooking and arranging. The only activity that more than 50 percent of spouses think is “male work” is the Image of cleaning mandumping of rubbish.

Avoid scandals

 Among the most common occasions for house scandals are the hairs in the bathroom, the socks scattered throughout the house, the crumbs left on the table, and the traces of dirty shoes.


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