Halkidiki is magical, but how to get there?

You are planning to visit Halkidiki in a month. You rented a house there, but you are also planning to buy one, because you heard that the economic crisis in the country makes this moment the right for buying a property. And a property in this country of tranquility, on this peninsula where the endless and flawless beaches go between beautifully green mountains and the uniquely blue sea, a property on this heavenly place where the time has no meaning, where the people are calm, wise, but expressive, where the food is more than perfect and the rest guaranteed, assures you happiness in advance, bliss for the future.  

So you have now bought a new swimsuit and a Greek phrase-book and you only need to get there. Well, this in reality is not that hard. The biggest city near Halkidiki is Thessaloniki, which is the biggest one in Northern Greece as well. There are many different regular flights between London and Thessaloniki, Berlin and Amsterdam and Thessaloniki and many other big European’s countries’ capitals. One of the biggest advantages of Halkidiki is the fact that it’s not that far away from the heart of Europe and the flight from London to Thessaloniki therefore continues three hours. Before you arrive there, you should also know that Greece is in another time zone (Eastern European Time: GMT +2) and if you depart in 8 a.m., you’ll arrive around 1 p.m. From Makedonia airport in Thessaloniki you can reach Halkidiki by car – there are many rent a car offers at the airport. Thus you will need only a couple of hours so that to arrive at your final destination. And the road trip will be amazing as well, because you will be able to relish another part of the wonderful Greek nature.