Easy and fast sofa cleaning

The couch is undoubtedly our place. We relax there with a book and a glass of wine or we watch the new Game of Thrones episode, we talk and catch up with everything happening in our relatives’ and friends’ life, we take a nap, or even jump on it with our kids. Soon we will have to say good-bye to this heavenly piece of furniture that saved us and supported us through the years and all we can do is clean it properly after tenancy. And if you don’t like hiring one of the London’s professional cleaners, you are the enthusiastic dare-devil, who believes that this work can be easily done. Please look at these simple steps.

Use a vacuum-cleaner

This amazing appliance works, thanks God, not only on the floor, but also on other surfaces. That’s why it’s absolutely perfect for our situation. The vacuum-cleaner will help you take off the dust and other dirt that was not absorbed by the sofa. Absolutely enough, for now.

Cope with the stains

Through the years you literally lived on this couch – you sat, you ate, and you slept there, so it’s completely logical that there are signs about it. You better find a detergent that will help you clean the stains, because using only clean water; you definitely won’t be satisfied with the result. If you possess a steam cleaner your work will be even easier, because this wonderful machine perfects in seconds.


What makes the sofa a cozy, nice place, are all the things you put on it. So wait until it has dried up and arrange different pillows and blankets so as to make this piece of furniture from a boring place to sit on into the heaven island of the living room.