Streak-free glass and mirror cleaning

If I have to choose one simple thing that is more unpleasant than the cleaning, I won’t be wondering even for a second. But first don’tImage of spring tree misunderstand me, I don’t hate the cleaning itself, I just cannot find a way how I could enjoy being on my knees for hours scrubbing the tiles on the floor in the bathroom, or climbing like a squirrel so that I can reach that stupid corner of the window that seems so far away and wash it. There will always be a part of me that prefers to go in the park or to read a book, to travel, to explore, to meet friends and to catch up. There will always be an activity far better and more exciting than cleaning. But let’s go back to the start and admit that after we plan and spend a whole weekend doing the regular spring cleaning, we find it more than disappointing and more than awful, when in the next sunny morning, we are having a breakfast, checking the email and watching the news in the background,

when we notice a little imperfection – it might be a stain on the carpet that hasn’t vanished, or some dust under the sofa that wasn’t cleaned properly. More information and how to use this services about end of tenancy spring cleaning you can find here.

And the second you notice one, you keep on seeing them all around. And, oh, how sad and desperate you feel then. But maybe the fault is only yours – if you had the right technique and the needed know-how, you could have done everything perfectly and you wouldn’t be sorry now. That is right. For this reason keep reading and learn how you could clean the glass or the mirror so flawlessly that there won’t be a single streak left.

Superficial clean-up

The first thing you have to do is remove the dirt. So take some warm water and a rag and start cleaning. If you strive for greatness, add a few drops of vodka and you will be amazed by the result. Thus you will even disinfect the whole surface and you will kill all the bacteria.


So now wait until it all dries up, because if you apply some kind of detergent now, there would be water left and it will mix together with the detergent and the result would be disastrous. After 5 to 10 minutes or a little bit earlier if it is too hot, proceed to next step.

Glass cleaner

Now use the glass cleaner and apply it on the mirror or on the glass. Then fold a microfiber cloth into quarters so that you can use it several times. Something you should know is that you should not clean with a wet microfiber cloth, so if you cannot use the one you have properly, get another one, but do not compromise with this rule. Go through the whole surface from left to right, starting from the top. The result would be impressive.


Every time when you notice that the glass or the mirror is steamed, open a window or leave it until it is ok, and never clean it with a towel. This would make it horrible.