The professionals’ tip: don’t postpone the cleaning for the end of the weekend

Your everydayness is busy and tense. You come home dreaming of the nice dinner and the cosy bed. There is no washing and cleaning in that paradise you are imagining whole day. There are no duties, no detergents, but chill and relax, shared happiness with your beloved one and pure bliss. However, the reality is not made of rainbows and butterflies; there are no unicorns and paradises, and no perfect happiness as well. So what you end up doing is procrastinating at your best – till the last moment, the last minute, the last second, which all are in the holy weekend.

Image of tipsBut nothing goes according to the plans then. You don’t wake up full of energy at 7 am, ready to start cleaning with a wet clout and tons of detergents. The sun is shining or the weather is gloomy and rainy, but either ways you want to sleep till late, to relax, to be at ease. And the cleaning – oh, there is no time for it in that precious two-day-holiday. So with the time your home gets more and more dirty, gathers grime and dust, the air is polluted, the bathroom looks gross, the unwashed dished are on piles in the kitchen and you don’t dream about going home anymore. So the logical next step is the hiring of one of the best London’s cleaners, which are your only saviours. Thanks God, they can cope with this nightmare, they are doing it pretty well indeed. But while they are cleaning with their expert tools and effective detergents, they are giving you some tips. See them on this page. And on the top of the list is undoubtedly the “NO procrastination”, the one you hate most, but which is the most significant one as well. So don’t do it again. Please.