DIY: home-made present – muffin in a jar or a bottle

Do not get confused, please. It’s not the muffin in a mug thing where instead of your morning coffee you put all the muffin ingredients, mix them and after a few minutes in the microwave, you can enjoy it. No, it’s something you can give for a present to… well, everyone. It’s cute, practical and different. You can make them for Christmas and give them to everyone in addition to the other gifts, or you can simply prepare them because you want to surprise someone so badly and to make something good for him. And it’s super easy as well.  

What you will need is a mason jar or a bottle, empty of course, that can be reclosed and has no labels. And then you need all the muffin ingredients without the liquid ones like milk and eggs and butter, for instance. Then you should start preparing the muffins, following only the first couple of steps of the recipe. So you will probably have to mix the flour and the baking powder, the white and the brown sugar. You then have to start arranging: on the bottom of the jar or the bottle you can put the flour mixture, then you can add some chocolate chips, or dried cranberries, then you can put the brown and the white sugar and after that alternate them until the end. The person who will get this lovely gift might, however, not be that good at baking and will be a little bit shocked, when he sees this whole thing without recipe. So write one, but not on a simple paper, but do something like a card with beautiful hand-written recipe and a why not a wish and your name. And to make it even more perfect, you can somehow decorate the jar at the end.