Some facts about modern carpets

Carpets are so familiar to us, and at the same time somewhat mysterious. This, covering the floor or decorating the walls of our homes is made of wool, silk or artificial fibers. In Asia, carpets are produced in China, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and India. Africa is also on the world carpet map, there carpets are weaved in Tunisia. Europe, though not a world market leader, also has its places worth mentioning when talking about the production of carpets – France, Belgium and Germany. Asian carpets are known mostly for their handmade work, while the rest of the world is increasingly relying on factory conditions for their production.

United in three periods

Chronological carpets can be united in three periods: antiquarian (up to the seventeenth century inclusive), antique (made to the nineteenth century) and modern. It is also good to mention the “sculptural” carpets that have evolved with the development of machine production. Thanks to the special clipping of the fibers, the surface of such a carpet can be embossed. Similar carpets can also be made manually, with the length of the fiber up to 10 -15 cm.


Image of carpetThe basic and best material for the weaving of a carpet remains the natural sheep wool. As the wave of the Ghazni Afghan region is considered one of the highest quality. Recently, the New Zealand wool, ecologically clean, thin, strong and white, emerges as a market leader, this wave is extremely soft to the touch.


Synthetic carpets

Synthetic carpets, in a number of characteristics, yield to the natural ones. At the same time, we can not underestimate their advantages: they are easy to clean, they are less weighty and in most cases they are cheaper. Synthetic materials for carpet production are no longer one and two, and on the world market for artificial carpets, one of the leaders is Belgium, whose products are widespread across Europe.

The colors

Colors can be divided into chemical and natural. Natural can be of animal origin, plant or mineral. The exploitation qualities ofImage of rainbow carpet natural colors are relatively high: they are hardly fading away from sunlight and are known for their natural, noble hue.

In the world of chemical dyes, the aniline paints, invented in 1847, dominated for a long time. Over the last few decades, they are slowly but surely displaced by the polymeric and synthetic dyes that practically do not fade. The third generation of colors are chrome. Their properties are similar to those of natural colors, but the colors achieved with them are not so intense.


Image of vacuum cleanerNo matter what carpets are made of, their regular and careful maintenance and care is important for the length of their lives. If you want to enjoy your beautiful carpet for a longer time you need to take care of it. The best decision is a professional cleaning company, for example Essex End of Tenancy Cleaning provides excellent services and good prices. Check out the web site. You can try to clean your carpet alone, but be careful with the detergents you use for it.

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