Why they all think that renting is that bad?

We like to claim that we accept the different – personalities, cultures, opinions, tastes. We tend to claim that we are open-minded, that our society is free, that everybody has million choices and no one is biased these days. So I can’t help but wonder, why do we believe that there is something wrong, when people prefer living in a rented property? Why do we call them frivolous and unreliable, why do we believe that they are less than all those home-owners and what makes us think this way? And after all is renting indeed that bad?  

Hell no. renting is freedom and independence. There is nothing that limits you – you can change places often, you can move to another region, town, country, continent. You may change your type of home. Maybe buying a flat is not worthy as you feel so uncomfortably in one. Renting is no more for the young and bold only, renting is for everyone, who either has no desire to buy a house, to have a mortgage for the aim of having an own property or for those who like to travel, to visit different places, to live all around the world.

A society which does not accept the renters, those who have grabbed their freedom and do whatever they want with it, is sick. Home-buying is a step in life not everyone wants to take. It is certainty and a pretty investment, but it is not for all and we should not judge those who are not keen on the idea of it. Rent a house, move in, move out. Go to another city, start a new job, meet new people, live in a two-room flat, go back to your parents’ home for a while. This world mobile, be mobile as well.